Bryan's Mark-8 CD and Various Info!

Welcome to my CD. I have listed credit for sources where applicable, if I remembered where I got them! Most of my scanned books were purchased for many dollars on eBay. To the best of my knowledge, the copyrights of everything on this CD either belong to me, are abandoned, and/or were held by companies that are no longer in existence. All original content on this CD of my own work, photos, drawings, etc. is Copyright 2004, by Bryan Blackburn, all rights reserved. If you wish to use anything for any reason, visit my website at, or and send me an email. I usually only ask that you say where it came from.

To view the content, you will need Adobe reader, a copy of which is included on the CD. I also use a very handy photo viewer called IrFanView, which I highly recommend. It is also here on the CD. You will probably also want the plug-ins.

On The CD:

My Photos:

Photos of my stuff and other things My Mark-8, my TV Typewriter, the 8008 die, even a photo of Jon Titus!

Mark 8 construction article:

RE_Mark-8_LoRes.pdf - From Jim Kearney, who got them from Steve Gabaly, scans and compression are terrible, may be some unique handwritten comments... any use?
- My scans of the article from a copy sent to me by Jon Titus. This is a very useful scan as it contains a hand drawn backplane diagram from Jon Titus, not included in the original article.
RE_Mark-8_Grayscale.pdf These are grayscale scans from my own original copy of the plans. This file makes it easier to read the penciled notes (not mine).
RE_Mark-8_BW_scans.pdf These are black and white scans from my original plans, uncompressed. These scans print better.

Construction details of my 4K Memory Board, with photos and schematics:

My_4K_Memory.pdf Godbout info from Jim Kearney.

Intel Manuals

8008UsersMan_Jun72.pdf This is my earliest 8008 manual, which came from Jon Titus, very good info.
8008UsersMan_Nov72.pdf Some minor changes, check it out.
MCS-8_PLMprogGuide1973.pdf Any PLM programmers out there?
MCS-4_UsersManual_Feb73.pdf Just in case you have one of these, or if you want to see what the 4-bit guys are up against!

The Digital Group

The Digital Group was a pre-Altair era company that made accessories for the Mark-8. This Packet of information showed M8 users how to expand their I/O ports, add a cassette interface and a video card to their systems. It also includes listings for all the software needed to operate these new additions... Really cool! You can read about the digital group on my website at:

dg_packet.pdf The original "Packet #1"!
dg_TV_Typewriter.pdf Photo of my TVT card, as described in the packet.

Microsystems International

This was a Canadian company that second sourced the 8008, there went belly up not too long after releasing this applications manual.

Applications_Manual.pdf Excellent information, great operating system software even includes a simple assembler!


The Mark-8 spawned at least two newsletters, and they contained a wealth of information. The Micro-8 (or Mark-8) newsletter was mostly a collection of letters from 8008 based machine builders. There is a bundle of troubleshooting hints and bug reports for the Mark-8 in here! It also carried some articles for the then new 8080 and Altair, but the focus was the 8008. The Computer Hobbyist was more professional and contained nicely written articles of amazing nature, intended for the 8008. Most of these scans were done by Jim Kearney, I made pdfs out of them. (I recently acquired originals. Paid an arm and a leg for them!)


These two files comprise the first two years of the Micro-8 newsletter, each issue is also available on this CD as a separate pdf file, browse the CD to find them.


The Computer Hobbyist

Flyer.pdf Flyer advertising the new newsletter.
TheComputerHobbyist_all_issues.PDF Well, maybe not all issues(?) but all the ones that I have.

Scelbi Computer Consulting

With the exception of Scelbal Update, these scans are all from the original books.

8008_Monitor_Routines Great for learning how the 8008 can be put to work!
Machine_Language_Prog_8008 This is my 8008 Bible for writing software, all the instructions, how they work, flags they alter, etc..
Galaxy_Game Star Trek!
Scelbal BASIC on your 8008! Scans by Kinko's, just too many pages for me to do. If you find any hard to read pages, let me know.
ScelbalUpdate.pdf All the add ons and corrections. Scans from Jack Rubin.

My Software

These are a few things I put together to help me program, and a few of my programs. Careful: They may not be bug free! Most of my software is hand written, so until I get the gumption to type it into a word processor, it will never show up here! Sorry!

TapeLoader_V2_22.pdf This is my paper tape and I/O software for my ASR-33.
PrettyLightShow.PDF This is my on-display software. Unless I am working on my M8, this is what is running.

Don Lancasters TV Typewriter

TV_Typewriter.pdf Original RE plans